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Many have contributed to Houston's development and growth from a small settlement on the bank of the Buffalo Bayou to the international metropolis that is today. As a crossroads in the commercial highways of the world, Houston has been the home of a variety of people with the Midas touch.

Some of these people were of humble origins who achieved property-based wealth, while others were more fortunate and came from wealthy families, but all have contributed greatly to the city of Houston.

These are the people we have called Great Citizens, luminaries in such fields as agriculture and banking, real estate and transportation, construction and medicine, oil and politics, investment and the arts.

Each of these Great Citizens have been civic-minded capitalist, including real estate and oil entrepreneurs, giving many millions of dollars to a variety of arts and medical causes over the course of the city's history. With the help of contributions from these individuals, Houston and its citizens have benefited greatly from their philanthropy: The Houston Art Museum prospered with substantial contributions from Ima Hogg and other members of the Hogg Family; other philanthropic individuals were, William M. Rice, Hugh R. Cullen, George R. Brown, Jesse H. Jones, W.W. Fondren, J.S. Abercrombie, and M.D. Anderson.

While the philanthropy of these entrepreneurs did lay the foundation for a more diversified economy in the Houston metropolis, they did not seem to have that goal in mind. Their concerns seem to have been with the health and culturalization of the citizens of Houston. Yet their charitable contributions had the very important consequences and have played a vital role in continuing the growth of the city's economy.

A review of the history of Houston shows that we have had leaders who were dreamers but who combined their dreams with the determination and ability to create what they dreamed. Even more we need that kind of leadership today, because Houston, has, although to a lesser extent than most cities, some built-in inertia's, typified by those who are resolved to stand pat and never break tradition.

The following educational and informational presentation is a representation of the many individuals who have left their lasting mark on Houston, urging it ever onward to its inevitable destiny. There are many more individuals that have been nominated to be added to this section by our visitors and we have decided to have these nominees featured exclusively on our community.

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